Jude’s Doxology – Exegesis of Jude 24-25

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. Jude 24-25

Jude concludes this short, but powerful epistle with one of the sweetest doxologies in scripture. After calling out the heresies, motives, and attributes of false teachers, and then the three classes of deceived believers with which we are to show mercy, he then reminds them of the One who will keep them from stumbling. Jude knows the evil that resides in the human heart. It is totally depraved. He knows that the believers that he wrote to at this time will be continually tempted into believing error, and God in His omniscience preserved this book for those of us in the ages to come by including it into the canon of scripture. The phrase “to Him who is able” in Greek is “dunamai”. It means “to be able/to be empowered”. The Greek word for “keep” is not “tereo” which means “to preserve” or “to maintain”. The word Jude uses for God’s action in keeping us from stumbling is “phulasso”. It is akin to “phulaks” which is a military guard. It means “to preserve by having an eye on”. This exact word is used in Luke 2:8 for the shepherds watching over their sheep. Just as a shepherd will be perpetually vigilant when they are watching their sheep, so too does this mean that God is perpetually vigilant in looking after His elect. God is literally keeping watch and guarding His sheep from the ravenous wolves that seek to destroy them. I do believe that this aspect of God’s protection also refers to believers who have been led astray by false teaching. The word dunamai is in the present indicative tense revealing that God is actively guarding His elect. I also believe that God is actively working to bring the brethren back who have strayed into error. If God did not pursue the believer in error it would indicate that this person was not a believer to begin with. We know from John 10:29 and Romans 8:31-39 (to name a few) that no one can snatch God’s chosen out of His hand, even those that stray. Their salvation will always be secure because salvation was never based on works. Those believers that are blinded by their sin grieve God, but rest assured He will not leave them in their sin, whether in this life, but most assuredly the next. I used to believe that abortion was okay in cases of rape and incest, but not anymore. I used to watch Joel Osteen, but never again. I used to think sex before marriage was acceptable, but not anymore. I used to think that I was the one that chose my salvation in Christ, but now I believe that Christ chose me first. Isn’t it encouraging to know that God is actively protecting the brethren, but even seeks after brothers and sisters who have strayed into error? Often times He uses many of us to confront believers who are friends, family, or acquaintances that have been deceived so that they might be restored to Him. Do you have friends or family actively deceived by a false teacher? If so, do you think God might be prodding you to help open their eyes?

We see that God is gracious in that He not only watches us like a shepherd, but He will also make us stand in the presence of His glory. The phrase, “to make you stand” is the Greek word “histemi”. It means, “to place”. It is in the present imperfect future tense which speaks of a time in the future that God will stand the elect in His presence. This is more than likely the Bema seat where Christ will be giving out crowns to believers. Note that it is God who is doing the placement so that it is clear that we contributed nothing to our salvation. How do I know this? We stand in His presence “blameless”. The Greek word used here is “amomos”. “A” (alpha) is a negative meaning “without”, and “momos” means “a blemish”. Properly, it is “without a blemish” or “blameless”. We stand in God’s presence blameless because Christ’s righteousness was imputed to us. As John Edwards said, “You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary.”

Continuing on, Jude has told us that we will stand before God blameless “with great joy”. The Greek word is “agalliasis” and speaks to an “exuberant joy” or “an intense joy”. Why would we not have this intense state of exuberance in the presence of God? We will be freed from our sin nature and given new bodies. It is a cause for celebration to no longer be enslaved to our own sin nature. Our faith will finally become sight. I can only imagine the tears shed by every believer that stands before our righteous and benevolent King. We will rebel against God no more and can finally live in true freedom and give Him the worship He truly deserves. What a magnificent day this will be!

In verse 25, “To the only God” is “Monos Theos”. “Monos” means “alone” (without a companion) and “Theos” is God. Monos is an adjective modifying the proper noun, God. It is where we get our English word “mono” meaning “one/single”. This is an absolute statement showing that there is only one God, and one way to Him through His Son Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Christianity is a religion and it is exclusive because there is only one God in all of creation. All other gods are manmade or are the inspiration of demons. There are not many ways to heaven as the Universalist will boast. Of all the world religions only one boasts of a God that would suffer and die in the place of man for their sins. Only one God was sinless and could redeem man from their depravity and rebellion. This is the God of the Christianity. Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha), Krishna, Vishnu, Brahma, Allah, Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell, and all the other faux gods/teachers will lead all their followers to eternal damnation in Hell.

Jude then ascribes to Christ the attributes of all “glory, majesty, dominion and authority”. The Greek word for “glory” is “doxa”. It translates as “praise” or “glory” and derives from the word “dokeo”, meaning “to seem” and denotes an opinion or estimate of someone or something. As such it is honor resulting from a good/favorable opinion. He deserves all honor and glory for all time for His sacrifice on the cross and the grace and mercy he has shown us throughout our lives. If you ever want to say “Praise God” or “Glory to God” in Greek all you need to say is “Doxa to Theo”.

The next word ascribed to Christ is “majesty” which is “megalosune”. It derives from “megas” and means “greatness” in stature. There is nothing in existence that can compare or exceed the greatness in stature of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The next word Jude uses is “dominion” which is “kratos” in the Greek. It signifies “manifested power” but translates as “dominion” signifying an exerted power. As the sovereign Lord of all, He exerts His power to bring about His will, not thwarted by any spirit or man in achieving His desires. Every apple that falls from a tree or every creature’s lungs that take in a breath of air must have God’s divine approval for it to come to pass. It is His power that keeps the universe from collapsing to destruction. It is His common grace that restrains the hearts of men from becoming as wicked as they could be. If God took His gracious hand off this world then all mankind would wipe themselves out. It is His power that sustains life and restrains the depravity of man. Beloved, stand in awe of the God who has dominion over all of creation.

The last word Jude uses as an attribute of God is “authority”. The Greek word is “exousia” and means “the liberty to do as one pleases”. Because the Lord is the author of creation, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Savior of men, the author of righteousness, He is allowed to do whatever He wants. He is the Beginning and the End. Often times we as the pot will tell the Potter that He is exercising His authority all wrong. What arrogance! We try to supplant His authority on a daily basis, but it is futile. We tend to think we are gods or that God is a genie, and then attempt to usurp exousia from Him. Exousia is not an attribute of man and never will be because we are the creation and He is the Creator. All authority belongs to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

Jude then finishes his doxology with an “Amen”. It means, “so let it be”. It is a transliteration of the Hebrew word Amen which means “truth”. This half-brother of Jesus, who during Jesus’ earthly ministry did not believe Christ was the Son of God, now finishes His epistle by certifying that Jesus is who He said He was. Amen (Truth)!


I am going to be taking a long break from writing blogs as I write my book, “Agonizing for the Faith” (An Exegesis of Jude) and work on revisions to the sequel of my fantasy novel, “Athanasia: The Great Insurrection”. I hope to get “Agonizing for the Faith” out sometime in mid to late summer. I also hope to release “Athanasia: The Unknown Lands” sometime in the summer of 2019. I might on a rare occasion put up a post exegeting a passage of scripture if time permits.


Soli Deo Gloria!


Author: thomascoutouzis

I was born in the United States as a second generation Greek. My family comes from the Island of Kalymnos which is the island next to Patmos (Where the apostle John wrote Revelation). My wife Kathy is of Korean descent and we have two wonderful children, Chloe and Micah. We live in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina called Fuquay Varina. The Lord redeemed me as a young boy as my mother (who was a believer) shared the Gospel with me. If I had to categorize my denomination I would most likely fall into the Reformed Baptist realm with some differences over non-essential doctrine. I am an expositional bible teacher. For the last few years I have been taking God's word and teaching it on outlets like Twitter and Wordpress. I am also a fan of both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis' fantasy novels. As such I am writing a fantasy series full of adventure, while weaving deep theological truth into the story and characters. My first book, "Athanasia: The Great Insurrection" is available in both ebook and paperback currently. I am hoping to release the second book in the series, "Athanasia: The Unknown Lands" around September of 2018.

4 thoughts on “Jude’s Doxology – Exegesis of Jude 24-25”

  1. What a powerful ending to a powerful little epistle… “the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority…”

    Thank you for this series, Thomas, I have really enjoyed learning through your work and look forward to your future work and the completion of “Agonizing for the Faith”.

    God bless you as you serve him in teaching and writing. Just remember, though you’re taking a hiatus from blogging, we still expect a steady supply of “#Exetweets” to fill our twitter timelines :).

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