Beware of Christian Pragmatism

This is not a typical blog post where I exegete scripture. This was a thread I wrote on Twitter today (2/21/18) about the dangers of Christian pragmatism and transcribed upon request. Keep in mind this is a transcript from my Twitter thread so it will be lacking in eloquence 🙂


Christian pragmatism is judging the right or wrong of any decision based on the results. If there are good results then that has to be the right way, or if the results are bad it must be the wrong way. This is the Christian Pragmatist line of thinking.

It is the reason why many churches have made changes to attract the unbeliever. It is what has brought about the Seeker movement, but unbelievers aren’t seeking God. “There is no one who seeks for God.” Romans 3:11b Pragmatism says, “We want more people to be saved from Hell.” So, they make a series of decisions that will bring people to the church instead of going out to the unbeliever. They will have large free events for the community, move from a choir to a band that sings hip Christian songs on the radio, the pastor will wear jeans & a shirt, the pastor will stop teaching doctrine, moving from an exegetical position to an eisegetical one. Hell will no longer be preached, but the love of Jesus will be heralded without the consequences for unbelief. Salvation becomes a decision you make, churches get a food court, Jesus is reduced to a self help guru who wants you to do your will, in fact your will is His will. The children’s ministry will become more like a daycare, rather than a place for instruction. The church becomes a place for constant entertainment, church planting is done based on demographics and surveys done in communities to see what type of church the community wants, missions trips will attract few and the sole purpose will be to meet the earthly needs of people, not the spiritual need of salvation in Christ, kids will only play games in youth groups rather than study the word, liberty will become license to do what ever one wants, righteousness will wane as eventually sin will not be taught. I am only scraping the tip of the iceberg with Christian pragmatism, and it is wrong.

Christian pragmatism is an assimilation to the world to carry out the great commission. It comes at sacrificing God’s truth. It believes that large numbers are good when in reality those large numbers of unbelievers aren’t changing, rather it is the true believers that degrade. If there is one thing Satan has done almost from the beginning, it is to infiltrate the church. When he overruns a church with unbelievers coming for a feel good message and entertainment who do you think begins to fill the leadership roles in the church? Unbelievers.

I have seen a God fearing woman lose her job & move in with her boyfriend because she could not afford to pay rent. That is Christian pragmatism. It is based on the end results of what you deem is good, not what God deems is good. Pragmatism is destructive to the church. Stop it!



Author: thomascoutouzis

I was born in the United States as a second generation Greek. My family comes from the Island of Kalymnos which is the island next to Patmos (Where the apostle John wrote Revelation). My wife Kathy is of Korean descent and we have two wonderful children, Chloe and Micah. We live in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina called Fuquay Varina. The Lord redeemed me as a young boy as my mother (who was a believer) shared the Gospel with me. If I had to categorize my denomination I would most likely fall into the Reformed Baptist realm with some differences over non-essential doctrine. I am an expositional bible teacher. For the last few years I have been taking God's word and teaching it on outlets like Twitter and Wordpress. I am also a fan of both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis' fantasy novels. As such I am writing a fantasy series full of adventure, while weaving deep theological truth into the story and characters. My first book, "Athanasia: The Great Insurrection" is available in both ebook and paperback currently. I am hoping to release the second book in the series, "Athanasia: The Unknown Lands" around September of 2018.

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